International Circuit


The program of the Brescia Montichiari International Circuit consists of several days starting from Thursday the 12th of September until Sunday the 15th September. The best way to experience the territory and enjoy the show. Discover the program and get ready for an emotional journey rich in history.


The most prestigious automakers of that period joyned the races by making part of the Brescia Montichiari International Circuit with their cars.


Even the motorcycles competed in the Brescia Montichiari International Circuit: the most famous riders, such as Gentile Minazio, Damiano Rogai, Piero Maggi and many others joyned the races.


The first international air circuit took place on September, the 9th, 1909, at the Automotive Circuit in the moors of Montechiari.



Along the road that leads from Brescia to Mantova, crossing Castenedolo, the road reaches an embankment located in the middle of a beautiful countryside. Along the path, on the right,the Osteria della Fascia d’oro is locate: here' s exactly where the moors of Montechiari extend.

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