Special edition 2024

The long-awaited event comes with a special edition in 2024
Next year it will take place in spring during the dates: 24 - 25 - 26 May, where we will visit the lands of the famous Giuseppe Verdi, Parma ham and Parmigiano Reggiano and much more...

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Il centenario

Starting from Brescia, going towards Mantua and crossing Castenedolo, the road gently descends to a low embankment in beautiful countryside, until one finds, to the right, the “Osteria della Fascia d’Oro” tavern: this is where the heath of Montichiari begins and this is the place of the International Circuit.

The arid, gravelly and treeless heath of Montichiari became an ideal point of reference for the promising field of motor racing the newborn car industry was engaging in. And, since Montichiari was hosting the races on its territory, the town began to expand its economy and prestige. In September 1899, Brescia organized a four-day-event dedicated to motoring, during which a race was held.

Races continued taking place during the following years, and in 1905 the Vincenzo Florio Cup, the Conte di Salemi Cup and the Italian Cup were run, all won by G.B. Raggio with a 100 hp Itala. The finish line and the stands were placed at the Fascia D’Oro in Montichiari. The Florio Cup was also run in 1907, and was won by Minoia against Isotta Fraschini. In 1920, the organizers decided to build a permanent circuit. On the 4th September 1921, the first Italian Grand Prix was disputed. The 18-km-track (11.184 miles) was all within Montichiari’s territory.

The Historic Racing Club of Montichiari, a federate of ASI (Italian Historic Automobile and motorbike Club) and of FIVA (International Federation of Ancient Vehicles), was born with the aim of bringing racing cars, motorcycles and airplanes back to the heath of Montichiari, where for years they had been the stars of the International Circuit. This is where progress, the “fatal law that drives men to a mad race towards greater conquests”, saw one of its greater expressions.

Bugatti they were present from all over the world will come to the International Brescia-Montichiari Circuit to bring Bugatti Brescia vehicles back to where their myth was born. Not only Bugatti, but also Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Fiat, Ballot, Ansaldo, Chiribiri, Amilcar, BNC, Rally and many others will represent the best of historic motorsport in the world.


The most prestigious car manufacturers of the time participated with their cars in the races on the Brescia Montichiari International Circuit.


Motorcycles also raced on the Brescia Montichiari International Circuit: the most famous riders such as Gentile Minazio, Damiano Rogai, Piero Maggi and many others.


On 9 September 1909, the first international air circuit was held on what had become an automobile circuit in the Montichiari heath.



Starting from Brescia to Mantua and passing through Castenedolo, the road then gently descends on the low embankment amidst a beautiful countryside until you find the Osteria della Fascia d’oro on the right: here the Montichiari moor begins.

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